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  1. B265 Grade 11 PROCESSING:

Titanium Cold Rolled Plate ASTM B265 Gr. 11

Titanium Cold Rolled Plate ASTM B265 Gr. 11

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  1. Titanium plate B265 Grade 11 Adopt STANDARD and other country standard
    Titanium plate B265 Grade 11 Adopt STANDARD is ASTM B265.
    Other Equal standard is in the following:

ASME SB/B265, AMS 4911, AMS 4919, AMS 4914, ASTM F67, ASTM F136, ASTM F1341, ISO 5832-2, MIL-T-9046



4.ASTM B265 Grade 11 titanium plate properties



ASTM B265 GB/T3620.1 JIS H46600 Chemical Compositions(wt%) Mechanical Character
N,max C,max H,max Fe,max O,max Other Tensile Strength MPa, min Elongation %,
 titanium plate Gr.11 TA9-1 Class 11 0.03 0.08 0.015 0.20 0.18 Pb:0.12-0.25 240 24


USD Grade GB/T Grade Main alloy composition (balance: titanium)
Gr1 TA1 Pure titanium
Gr2 TA2 Pure titanium
Gr3 TA3 Pure titanium
Gr4 TA4 Pure titanium
Gr5 TC4 6% aluminum + 4% vanadium
Gr6 TA7 5% aluminum + 2.5% tin
Gr7 TA9 0.12~0.25% palladium
Gr9 TA18 3% aluminum + 2.5% vanadium
Gr11 TA9-1 0.12~0.25% palladium
Gr12 TA10 0.3% molybdenum + 0.8% nickel
Gr17 TA8-1 0.04~0.08% palladium
Gr18 TA25 3% aluminum + 2.5% vanadium + 0.04~0.08% palladium
Gr19 TB9 3% aluminum + 8% vanadium + 6% chromium + 4% zirconium + 4% molybdenum
Gr20 TB9 3% aluminum + 8% vanadium + 6% chromium + 4% zirconium + 4% molybdenum + 0.04~0.08 palladium
Gr21 TB8 15% molybdenum + 3% aluminum + 2.7% niobium + 0.25% silicon
Gr23 TC4 ELI 6% aluminum + 4% vanadium ELI low interspace
Gr24 TC22 6% aluminum + 4% vanadium + 0.04~0.08 palladium
Gr28 TA26 3% aluminum + 2.5% vanadium + 0.08~0.14% ruthenium
Gr29 TC23 6% aluminum + 4% vanadium + 0.08~0.14% ruthenium
Gr30 6% aluminum + 4% vanadium + 0.08~0.14% ruthenium 0.3% cobalt + 0.05% palladium


  1. Where ASTM B265 Grade 11 Can be used?

Fire wall, driver protection, valve covers, bell housings, driveshaft tunnels, brake backing plates, heat shields, rocker shaft stands, jewelry.


  1. B265 Grade 11 AVAILABLE SIZES:

Sheet is 0.5mm to 4.75mm thick, up to 1500mm width

Plate is 5mm to 100mm thick, up to 3000mm width

American Standard GR1, GR2, GR3, GR5, GR7, GR12
Russia Standard BT1-00, BT1-0, BT1-2 ect.
China Standard TA0, TA2, TA3, TA5, TA6, TA7, TA9, TA10, TB2, TC1, TC2, TC3, TC4
Processing Standard GB/T 3621-2007, GB/T 13810-2007ASTM B265, ASTM F136, ASTM F67
Specification T 0.5-5.0mm x W1000mm x L 2000-3500mmT 6.0- 30mm x W1000-2500mm x L 3000-6000mmT 30- 80mm x W1000mm x L 2000mm
Applications Metallurgy, electronics, medical, chemical, petroleum, medicine, aerospace, etc.


  1. B265 Grade 11 Titanium plate manufacturing process editor

Hot forging a forging process carried out above the recrystallization temperature of the metal.

Hot rolling a rolling process carried out above the recrystallization temperature.

Cold rolling process in which plastic deformation temperature is lower than recovery temperature.

Annealing: a metal heat treatment process in which metal is slowly heated to a certain temperature for sufficient time and then cooled at an appropriate rate (usually slow cooling, sometimes controlled cooling).

Pickling: immerse the product in sulfuric acid solution to remove oxide film on metal surface. It is the pretreatment or intermediate treatment of electroplating, enamel, rolling and other processes



  1. Feature editing of B265 Grade 11 titanium plate
  2. Titanium seed plate is a kind of oxidation film on the surface, which is equivalent to a good durable and wear-resistant separating agent. The use of titanium seed plate saves the separating agent, makes the electrode plate easy to peel off, and avoids the pretreatment process of seed plate. The titanium seed plate is half lighter than the copper seed plate.
  3. The service life of titanium seed plate is more than 3 times that of copper seed plate, and can reach 10 to 20 years according to the operating conditions
  4. The electrolytic copper made from titanium seed plate has compact crystal structure, smooth surface and excellent quality.
  5. Since the titanium seed plate does not need to be coated with separating agent, the pollution of copper electrolyte can be avoided.
  6. Increase the production capacity and reduce the production cost of electrolytic copper, so as to have better economic benefits.


  1. ASTM B265 Grade 11 Equivalent standard and grade with ASTM
GB/T Standard Chemical formula ASTM/ASME Russia JIS Standard
TA1 Industrial pure titanium GR1 BT1-0 TP270
TA1-1 Industrial pure titanium GR1 BT1-100
TA2 Industrial pure titanium GR2 TP340
TA3 Industrial pure titanium GR3 TP450
TA4 Industrial pure titanium GR4 TP550
TA7 Ti-5AL-2.5Sn GR6 BT5-1 TAP5250
TA8 Ti-0.05Pd GR16
TA8-1 Ti-0.05Pd GR17
TA9 Ti-0.2Pd GR7 TP340Pb
TA9-1 Ti-0.2Pd GR11
TA10 Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni GR12
TA11 Ti-8AL-1Mo-1V Ti-811
TA15 Ti-6.5AL-1Mo-1V-2Zr BT-20
TA17 Ti-4AL-2V πT-3B
TA18 Ti-3AL-2.5V GR9 OT4-B TAP3250
TB5 Ti-15V-3AL-3Gr-3Sn Ti-15333
TC1 Ti-2AL-1.5Mn OT4-1
TC2 Ti-4AL-1.5Mn OT4
TC3 Ti-5AL-4V BT6C
TC4 Ti-6AL-4V GR5 BT6 TAP6400
TC10 Ti-6AL-6V-2Sn-0.5Cu-0.5Fe Ti-662
TC24 Ti-4.5AL-3V-2Mo-2Fe SP-700


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